50 Easy Ways to Save Money

Here is a list of 50 easy ways save more money.

50 easy ways to save more moneyThe more ways you can trim expenses, the more money you will free-up to pay off outstanding debt.  Use the money you save to pay down your existing debt or save it.  Here is a list of 50 easy ways to save money:

    1. Stock up on non-perishable items that you use on a regular basis.  Items like deodorant, shampoo, soap, and toilet paper aren’t going to spoil anytime soon, so when the deal is a good one, stock up on these items big-time.
    2. Most cities that have recycling programs offer free recycling; recycle as much as you possibly can and save money on your trash disposal fees.
    3. Start a vegetable garden if you have the yard-space.  Growing your own vegetables is a cheap and healthy way to save on perishable food costs.  Be sure to can or freeze excess harvest before it spoils.
    4. Eat leftovers.  I’m amazed at how many people simply refuse to eat leftovers…  such a waste!
    5. Start composting food and yard waste.  Not only will you be producing high-quality compost for your garden, you will also cut down on your trash disposal costs.
    6. Make your own laundry detergent.  There are many different recipes available on the internet that work great – even in high-efficiency washing machines.
    7. Consider shopping at grocery stores like Aldi.  You will be surprised that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of your food is lowered too.  I started shopping at Aldi and have cut my grocery expenses in half.  I was very surprised to find that their products are of excellent quality and taste (with the exception of the coffee I bought – yuck).
    8. Pack your kids’ lunches.  Buying lunch at school is not only expensive; it’s usually not as healthy.
    9. Pack your own lunch.  There is no reason you should be spending $5-$10 on lunch daily… quit-it.
    10. Pay your bills on time.  Avoid dumb, wasteful fees for paying late.
    11. Only use your bank’s ATM’s.  Spending $2-$4 in ATM fees to take out your money is dumb.  What is even more ridiculous is the fact that your bank may charge you an additional fee for using an ATM that isn’t theirs – very lame.
    12.  Buy clothing off-season.  You will be amazed with the deals you’ll find.  The shirt a store was selling for $45 one month prior, may now be on sale for $15.  Plan ahead if you are buying clothing for your kids this way.  Be sure to take into account that they will likely grow before they get to wear the purchased off-season clothing.
    13. Freeze your bread.  When bread is on sale, stock up!  It can be frozen for up to three months with very little quality loss.
    14. Downgrade or get rid of your cable or satellite TV plan.  I’ve found that TV watching only perpetuates itself.  The more you do it, the more you want to do it.  Most major metropolitan areas broadcast in HD.  Get yourself a HD antennae and stop paying for TV.  Better yet, there are a million other things you could be doing; turn off the boob-tube.
    15. Stop renting movies or get rid of Netflix.  You’d be surprised at the wide variety of DVD’s available for free checkout from your local library.  Just be sure to return them on time!
    16. Learn to groom your pets or take them to the groomer a little less frequently.
    17. If your car does not require gasoline with an octane rating above 87, and you are buying premium gas, you are wasting your money.  That’s dumb.
    18. Unless you use that gym membership on a VERY regular-basis, get rid of it and find ways to exercise at home.
    19. Carpool as often as you can.
    20. Do your kids really need to go to that expensive swim-school?  Seriously?  Get ‘em out of there and put them in a local park district sponsored swim program.
    21. Don’t be afraid of store brand groceries.  Many generic or store brand items are high-quality and tasty.  Take a chance for once in your life…
    22. Many local governments and municipalities offer discounted dental, vision, or healthcare plans.  Look into what is available through your local county health department.
    23. Mow your own lawn.  Don’t think you don’t need the free workout…  You save money while you exercise, it’s a great deal!
    24. If you are the gardener type, grow your annuals from seed.  Start your own plant from seed in early spring and quit buying expensive flats of flowers.
    25. That lawn is expensive.  You’ll spend money (and time) mowing, fertilizing, and watering a lawn.  The less lawn you have, the less maintenance and expense.  Replace large grassy areas in your yard with wildflowers or mulch.
    26. Stop buying mulch.  Paying $30/yard for mulch every year can really add up.  You can often get free wood chips from your township or local tree service.
    27. Stop smoking.  You’ll save a massive amount of money by not buying tobacco products.  You could also save a ton on health and life insurance.
    28. You have magazine subscriptions?  Really!?  Cancel those subscriptions and get just about any periodical you can imagine for free from your local library.
    29. Get a programmable thermostat.  It’s not necessary to keep an empty house overly cool or warm when no one is there.  Turn down the heat temperature, or turn up the air conditioning temperature when you are away.
    30. On weekdays, run your high-energy usage appliances at night.  Energy costs are usually higher during the day.  It will often cost you half as much to run the dishwasher at night, than it would to run it during the day.
    31. Brew your own coffee.  It’s amazing the amount of money we spend on hot, black water when someone else brews it.
    32. Dining out is a huge expense when done regularly.  Save dining out for special occasions.  If you must dine-out, do so sparingly.
    33. Partner with a friend or relative to watch each other’s kids.  Get rid of that expensive babysitter (she probably just talks on the phone and eats your food anyway).
    34. Cut down on gasoline costs.  Plan ahead and combine trips and errands into a single efficient trip.  Making multiple trips back and forth is dumb and expense when gas costs $3 per gallon.  If you can walk or bike there, even better…
    35. Just because it’s an awesome deal, it doesn’t mean you need it.  Don’t buy into the whole daily deals madness unless it’s something you really need.  If you are buying into a super-great deal that you do not need, you’re just spending money.
    36. Always ask if your prescribed medication is available in generic form.  Generic drugs usually offer up big savings.
    37. Take advantage of brand loyalty cards and discount programs.  Many stores and credit cards offer some pretty sweet loyalty deals.  Some offer cash back or deep discounts.  If you aren’t leveraging these programs, you could be leaving money on the table.
    38. Ask for hand-me-downs.  Kids clothing is expensive and they often grow out of them before they are worn-through.  If you have a friend or relative who has a child slightly older than yours, why not ask if they plan to give away the clothing their child has outgrown?
    39. If the idea of buying clothing or household items from a second-hand store grosses you out, I can understand that, but they are the perfect place to pick up hand and yard tools for next to nothing!
    40. Use online bill paying options.  Why anyone would continue to spend money on stamps and take the time to mail bill payments is beyond me.   The vast majority of banks offer free online bill payment – use it.
    41. Find nearby free, fun things to do.  Almost every city in every state throughout the nation has a park.  Take the kids to the park, go hiking, exploring, or fishing…  Explore the outdoors.
    42. Do not have unnecessary insurance.  Check over your home, auto, and life insurance policies.  Could you reasonably risk increasing your deductible?  Do you really need the level of coverage that you are currently paying for?  Look over your policies and make adjustments as necessary.
    43. Turn the temperature down on your hot water heater during the warmer months.  I love a hot shower in the winter, but during the balmy summer months, I’m a cold-water kinda’ guy.
    44. If you’re considering getting a pet, don’t.  Pets (though cute and cuddly) are expensive.  You have to feed them, give them shelter, provide them with necessary healthcare, and all you get for it is a chewed-up pillow and pee on your rug.
    45. Garage sales can save you a bundle.  You can find all kinds of great deals at garage sales.  Don’t think you’re too cool to buy something from one.
    46. If you get decent cellular reception, get rid of your land line.  What’s the point in having both a cellular phone and an expensive land line?  Many people use the somewhat valid, “Well, I want to be able to call 911.”  Most cellular providers now take part in e911, just be sure to register your information as necessary.
    47. Draw your blinds in summer months and open them up in the winter.  Allowing the sun in during the winter can significantly reduce your heating costs.  Be sure to keep the blinds closed in summer months as your air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to keep things cool.
    48. Stop buying expensive software you don’t need.  There are many free software packages available.  Look into using open-source software that is often as good, if not better, than premium software.
    49. Turn off the fridge in the garage.  If you have a refrigerator in your garage that contains little more than an extra case of some watered-down, crappy brew, what’s the point?  Turn it off and save on your electricity bill.
    50. Replace your air filters.  Replace the air filters on your furnace every month.  Your system will be more efficient and cheaper to operate.

These are all easy ways to save money.  Anyone can do these things with little-to-no effort.  Now start saving!

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