How I Stopped Non Stop Sinusitis – Yay!

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For as long as I can remember, I have battled with non stop sinusitis. Over the past 12 years, I have been treated for acute or chronic sinusitis 28 times, or 2.3 times every year.  Almost every one of the 2+ doctor visits each year resulted in course of

50 Easy Ways to Save Money

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Here is a list of 50 easy ways save more money. The more ways you can trim expenses, the more money you will free-up to pay off outstanding debt.  Use the money you save to pay down your existing debt or save it.  Here is a list of 50 easy

The Loft Bed Project – Part 1

Last week, my wife asked me to build a loft bed for her daughter (my stepdaughter).  This wasn’t her first request.  She’s been after me for some time to get this one done.  However, due to the tense political environment in our household, there was no way for me

The Best Raised Garden Bed Project – Part 1

Early last spring, the plan a plan was born; I would build raised garden beds for a vegetable garden in the backyard.  The book, “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible” by Edward C. Smith‎ was the catalyst for planning my first raised garden ped project.  In the book, Smith touts all

New Years Resolutions

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I’m not a resolution-hater.  New Years resolutions tend to get badmouthed.  Why?  What’s so wrong with making plans to improve yourself and your life?  I understand that most of the hate comes from the resultant disappointment of failed follow-through.  We quietly resign our plans made, based on the sincerest

The Passive Solar Heater Project

Why the passive solar heater project?  Well, not long after summer, when our electric bill becomes reasonable again, our natural gas bill begins its rapid ascent.  I wanted to find a cheap way to lower the the heating bill, so I started poking around online at solar heater plans.

#1 Best Coconut Chocolate Gluten Free Crinkle Cookies Ever

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Some time ago, my mom compiled and gifted my siblings and I a recipe book of all of our family-favorites.  Inside was a recipe for Chocolate Crinkle cookies.  As a kid, these were my favorite homemade cookies.  My mom used to make these each year during the Christmas season

The Slate Floor Tile Project

For nearly nine months, stacks of slate tiles had been guilt-tripping me.  They’ve sat in a corner of the dining room (a.k.a. the dumping room) eagerly awaiting their ultimate destination.  Sometimes weeks would go by before I would check in on them; they never moved or made any self-installation

Let’s Make Quick & Easy Potato Pancakes

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It may not be advisable to introduce a recipe with vivid memories of dry-heaving at the sight and smell of the subject-food, but I feel I must.   I recall sitting at the kitchen table with eyes watering, enduring looks of disapproval and disappointment from every other member of the

The Awesome Basement Bedroom Egress Window Project – Part 1

The basement bedroom egress window is not only a necessary safety requirement for a basement bedroom, but it’s also an aesthetic improvement to any subterranean living space.  This project was a big one for me, but it was rewarding and I’m proud of the work that I did.  Here’s